The passion in what you do is the key to personal success!

What encourages the development of a company? Do you contribute to team motivation? Carol Pérez, Director of Public Relations of WeWork Latin America, conversed with us.

She spoke about the important role of passion in members of any organization. “I have been successful in my career because I’m passionate.” Once I said: “In what kind of company I want to work, one that I am passionate about, that I like, that maFotoCuadkes me wake up every day and say: I want to work, I want to be there”.

She also made it very clear the role of coaching within this organization”… it’s something we take very seriously in WeWork. We try to make relationship and wellbeing events; we bring people who help and practice coaching into our spaces. As if it was the foundation of WeWork, it is what makes us grow both as human beings and as a business.

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