Talent without excuses

Karen Sandoval Mendoza, executive coach certified by the ICC Mexico

When we talk about talent it does not matter if we refer to work, personal issues or if the setting is a school classroom; in each of them it seems that the real talent is one that makes us teachers as excuses are concerned.

We specialize in finding ways to sabotage and are “ruminants” catastrophic situations. Thus it works, as the cycle life until we leave without realizing it.

The bad news is that we are dedicated to educating and educate ourselves fatalistically; good, it is that everything can change our minds; the worst, is that to carry out that decision requires constant effort; And the best, is that all human beings we have immense possibilities to achieve it.

In coaching we know that excuses are merely those beliefs that limit us and prevent identify what is important is not always the answer, what is truly relevant is the syntax and power of the questions we ask.

Those who we are dedicated to find and / or develop talent have seen pass in front of us truly talented people, becoming less right questions, determined to find the answer to a meaningless question, in other words: They look for where there is nothing to stop searching and inquiring where there are more possibilities.

While it is true that everyone, without exception, we have more than one talent, it seems that we strive to find the right foot that we do not have or the voice of soprano that we lack, because (following with the truths) it is also true that as we all have talents, we also have shortcomings that we use as excuses of the not achieved.

Joseph O’connor (ICC Master Trainnee) mentions that “we are our beliefs,” and so that, believing that you cannot, I have found from executives to machines that lack the ability to find their own talent.

All this is still not a good excuse, and it is less so when we are surrounded by an endless number of tools to find that it seemed a lost treasure, the “treasure trove of talent itself.”

Like almost everything good in life, in a matter of talent thing is easy, you just have to dare to accept it, make a list of everything in what you’re good, the condition is that you include everything, however small it may seem. I put some examples, but you must adapt it to your own experience:

  • I draw well.
  • I can sell up gum.
  • I like to write.
  • I am creative.
  • I think I’m a good public speaker.
  • I’m constantly on my goals.
  • I like to have an attitude of service.
  • I am self-confident.
  • I am a very good negotiator.
  • I can support.
  • I’m always thorough with my team.
  • I know how to thank people.
  • I am the soul of the party.
  • I am nice, sympathetic.
  • I have analysis of observation.
  • I love to dance.
  • I like to achieve what I propose.
  • I am kind to my partner.

And if you are really willing to let excuses aside, then also it includes those things that you regard as weaknesses:

  • I am fussy.
  •  I am selfish.
  • I give up easily.
  • I am envious.
  • I have fear to lose.
  • I talk too much.
  • I have arachnophobia.
  • I am overconfident.
  • I am too sensitive a sentimental.
  • I exaggerate the problems.
  • I am demanding with others.
  • I do not give my arm twisted.

After this exercise intertwines both lists. You will see that you have no strength defects that boost. Through coaching you can highlight each of your strengths, those with whom you know you have consciously, and better yet, you also have not discovered, but are within you.

Those who today are successful are those who have perfectly studied their talents and how to use these to benefit those weaknesses, which, far from hiding, are explored in order not to allow them to be excuses.

Among the definitions that the Royal Academy of Language has on the word Talent, mentions “ability to perform or exercise of an occupation”. Let us accept that we are a compilation of elements in balance, we accept that we are made to be good at what really excites us, we have the ability to be talented without excuses!

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