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ICC (The International Coaching Community) and Lambent UK Limited. Pending issues with Mexican justice.


By: Anabel Ramos

February 13th, 2019, Mexico City.- The ICC (International Coaching Community) , Lambent UK Limited, Joseph O´Connor, Andrea Lages, Alexandra Lemos and Alejandro Feiges have omitted attending to the criminal inquiry in Mexico City, where they are related to illegitimate collecting, harrying acts and intimidation. This was reported by the Master Coach Carlos Alonso.


The Master Coach, Norma Fernández, was recruited in 2007 by Lambent Do Brasil from Brazil. Carlos Alonso also was also recruited in 2009 by Lambent UK Limited from England to be part of the trainers from Lambent’s Coaching Certificate in Mexico. Backed by the ICC, as each one individually and separately signed the ‘Trainer License Agreement’ contract, with Joseph O’ Connor as legal representative of both companies.


On August 2015, Norma and Carlos travelled to Santiago in Chile for taking the “Train the trainers” of Team Coaching Certification of Lambent UK. Unfortunately, on August 29th, 2015, Norma passed away on that trip leaving a monetary debt in her relationship with Lambent UK and the ICC. Norma and Carlos never took the Lambent UK’s Life Coaching Certificate training.


Each Coach has the responsibility of registering every coaching training in the ‘ICC management’ (www.iccmanagement.com) where he or she is full responsible for everything related to the registered certifications with its username and password in the ICC system.


Since June 2007 and until September 2015, Norma Fernández was the only one responsible for Lambent UK and ICC’s coaching trainings in Mexico.


  • On April 11th 2016, Lambent UK and ICC through Joseph O´Connor, Andrea Lages, Alexandra Lemos and Alejandro Feiges made contact with Carlos Alonso to take him responsibility for the debt of the invoices because of the deceased of the Master Coach Norma, and to pay royalties to Lambent UK for the Team and Life Coaching Certifications which those copyrights belongs to the Masters Coaches Norma and Carlos. They pressured and harassed him to the point of suspending him and sponsor company in charge of trainings since 2009.


In an interview for the Global Coaching Magazine (GCM), Carlos Alonso said: “When I argued that the debt wasn’t mine, Lambent UK and ICC started to act against me blocking me at work, from the ICC system, disparaging me with other trainers and ICC Coaches, threatening of taking action against me and/or legal actions.”


  • On May 5th, 2016, Carlos received a letter from ICC and Lambent UK sent by email and signed by all members, on that moment, of the ICC Board: Joseph O´Connor, Andrea Lages, Alexandra Lemos and Alejandro Feiges. It said he had been suspended as ICC and Lambent UK trainer, and that for activating it again, he would have to send a payment plan for covering the debt, a sign an agreement in which Carlos took responsibility for the payment of the debt among others.


  • On May 15th 2016, after Carlos was suspended as Trainer, and as Lambent UK and ICC blocked every way of communication with him, an intermediate of Carlos sent the payment plan of the debt.


  • On September 22th, 2016, Carlos received an email from the ICC Board forbidding him to participate at the ICC Congress, on 7th and 8th of October 2016 in Lima Peru, for the fact of having been suspended as Trainer.


Carlos commented, “I replied that email asking for an explanation for my suspension, in that moment, since I had already done what they had demanded me to do. They, on the contrary, didn’t even reply that email, but I, indeed, had to still continue to pay.


  • On April 19th, 2017, an email to Lambent UK and ICC was sent confirming the last payment of the payment plan and so, the liquidation of the total debt, in which Lambent UK and ICC manager Alejandro Feiges, was asked for a letter of liquidation and the reactivation of Carlos as Trainer. However, on 5th of May 2017, Mr. Feiges, refused and replied no order could be considered until Lambent´s royalties were paid, nevertheless copyright and property programs are form Norma and Carlos.


  • On June 17th, 2017, Carlos received an email from Lambent UK that was signed by Joseph O’ Connor and Andrea Lages, in which they inform in unilateral way, the anticipated ending of the agreement between both sides for two reasons:


  1. The company in which he is an associate started Coaching certifications with its own programs in Latin America.
  2. For owing the Life and Team coaching certifications royalties mentioned before.


Through his lawyers from England, sent a letter on January 26th 2018 for legal damages to Lambent UK and ICC, claiming the refund of the payment of the debt that belonged to another trainer, damages caused by the unjustified and illegal suspension for approximately a year, and for the anticipated ending of the contract.


On December 4th, 2018, Carlos made a criminal claim in Mexico for illegitimate collecting, harrying acts and intimidation by means of the investigation file CI-FMH/MH-3/UI-1S/D/00717/12-2008, against whoever is responsible, with deeds where Lambent UK and ICC, Joseph O´Connor, Andrea Lages, Alexandra Lemos and Alejandro Feiges take part. However, none of the mentioned has attended to the inquiry against them.


For that reason the legal processes in Mexico and England are still active. During the development of this press release, we looked for Lambent UK directors and the members of the ICC Board to know their version, unfortunately they did not want to reply.