Junk food, the enemy of society

Mexico is among the leading countries with childhood obesity, as one-third of this population is overweight. Experts stress importance on food.

About 13,000 commercials are broadcast annually about junk food on television, so infants are exposed to publications on this type of food, which is not good for health.

The Network for Children’s Rights and Consumer Power (in Spanish: EPC), presented the results of monitoring junk food advertising, which shows that regulations have failed; As they claim that children frequent more soap operas, reality shows, unitary dramatizations.

Fiorella Espinosa, an EPC food health researcher, said that “monitoring serves to see children continue to be bombarded with junk food advertising. Despite being regulated by TV, there are the internet and public spaces where you can be exposed. “

For its part, Alejandro Calvillo, director of EPC, commented that “the fact that there is a very weak regulation, is the same as if there were no regulation. ” He also mentioned “in other countries, such as Chile, this type of advertising is not allowed from 6 am to 10 pm”

“… If we want real results, we have to strengthen regulation, not only in TV, but in the internet and public spaces,” he said.


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