How to Prepare for an Interview

Alejandra Torpey, certified coach by Coaching is Magic

The purpose of this article is to help you acquire and / or maintain confidence in you to reduce stress and nervousness that job interviews can generate.

Make a job interview means you’ve already passed one or two filters, ie, the first review your CV and probably a small telephone interview, so congratulations! you are in the right direction to reach your goal: to sign a Work contract.

It sounds easy, but in reality we know that can currently not be so easy to get a face to face (face to face) interview.

Congratulate, recognize your achievement and celebrates the step you have taken! It is important that you begin to develop the capacity for self-recognition, using a well guided coaching.

Auto-recognize conscious and humble way (without reaching the arrogance and fall into the vanity), you empower makes you know that you can do things, you’re on the right track, you inject morale and motivates you to keep going. Keep in mind that success is the sum of all small achievements.

Attending a job interview is given the chance to prove how you are the right person for the job, thanks to your potential, your skills, your skills, your experience and even your personality.

This is the time to plan your strategy to achieve your goal and feel sure of yourself and tension free.

It can be very exciting when you call to schedule an interview regarding the position you’re so interested, however, you should stay calm and focus all your attention on the situation to actively listen to the person on the other side of the phone. The same goes if you have contacted via email.

If you can choose the day and time that suits you to attend the interview, you rush not thinking or saying that the sooner the better, unless you really work for you.

Better quickly analyzes your time. You need time to rest well, fix, get to the interview location, perhaps to study routes, have lunch, have breakfast, what you need. They’re giving you a big advantage, so take advantage of it to represent not stress to you go to the interview.

Since you have the appointment data, review the job profile again; This time more critically for you to analyze each of the responsibilities to play, tying them with your experience, skills and knowledge so that in the interview explain with facts how you can add value.

One of the tools with which you can help through coaching, is to write your answers and say them out loud, in front of a mirror in order you can observe yourself; It will help you have a better appreciation of your words.

If you have been disconnected from the environment of job interviews for a while, it is desirable that look the most common questions to prepare.

If you had other interviews recently, it is a good time to remember what kind of questions you did, if there were any that you cannot provide answer, you think how you answer this time for this position and repeat the previous year. Help yourself coaching and ask yourself questions like, “What do I want to project?”, “What is my goal to get this company?”, “What value added do I have”, “how I can project what I mean?

It is not a question of learning the answers by heart, but by means of this type of essay, you become aware of everything you have learned and achieved in previous experiences.

You realize what you are able, help nurture, to generate or you increase confidence in yourself and you reduce anxiety. This will give security to reach your goal.

Perform as many breaks as you need. Breathe and review mentally with your eyes closed until you feel confident to answer questions related to such information.

Another tool of coaching that you can use is that you practice a “power pose.” Place your hands on your waist, with legs slightly apart and raises an arm like super hero; You can also raise both arms in invincible position; uses any position that makes you see how important you are and how much they’re worth.

Move and smile will help you better oxygenate your brain, so you can have better retention of information, in addition to relax your mind. Here I leave a league to consult

It’s not about you pushing yourself by saying: “This relaxes me”, “this will give me confidence” and similar phrases. Remember that the more you concentrate on something, the more tension you exert. Just practice the exercises in a conscious and relaxed way so that your brain processes the information and you feel ready for your interview.

One of the key points that handles coaching do not be afraid to admit that something you do not know or have not experienced personally I think it is better to be honest to lie. Do not be nervous, for sure, better attempts to explain how things would or would handle the situation, applying your skills and knowledge to demonstrate your potential.

Remember to be yourself, smile, believe in yourself and be very successful!

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